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Have you ever felt Glacial Silt?

Have you ever felt Glacial Silt?

A Bracelet with a Story to Tell™:

Glacial Silt Bracelet Inspiration: Glacial Silt is common around Alaska. It is the extreme fine (generally finer that ground flour) rock dust created as the glacier grind over the earth and rocks. On windy days, it can be seen floating in the air giving a slight hazy appearance as the fine particles redistribute around the state.

Our Glacial Silt Bracelet shows the gray silt mixed with the extreme white of the glacial ice as they provide a soft shimmer in the light. We have also included a tassel on this bracelet to represent the soft 'wispy-ness' of the silt. This bracelet is made from white howlite and the gray are agate druzy with brass spacers.



Do you have a glacial story to share?

This is a stretch bracelet to fit most wrists and ankles. 

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